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ASD will be utilizing ParentSquare for school communication to allow parents/guardians to connect with district administration, teachers, and student services, primarily with email, text, and app notifications. ParentSquare automatically generates an account for each parent, using their email address and phone number that the district has on file. If you did not receive an invite, please contact the district to update your contact information. We encourage parents to access their accounts so they can update their preferences on when and how they are notified. 

Parents/guardians will be able to view posts from school admin, student services, and any groups or classes that they or their child belongs to. Parents/guardians do not see posts for classes or groups that they don’t belong to. You can use ParentSquare on any device by accessing the  ParentSquare website or by downloading the free mobile app for Android or iOS. Our goal is for every family to join ParentSquare, so that all families can stay up to date on what's happening in their classroom, their school, and the district.
Google Classroom

Login Information

Here is information you will need to connect your child to his/her class(es) using a Chromebook: 

1. Every student has his/her own school Google account. Their username is (their first name) + (initial of last name) + @goquips.org . Their password is (their lunch number) + (the 2 digit DAY of the month they were born) + (a). For example, let’s pretend we have a student named Patty Cake who was born on 5/24/2009, and whose lunch number is 12345. Her username would be: [email protected] and her password would be: 1234524a . 

2. Use your child's Google account information to sign in to the Chromebook. 

3. Open the Chrome web browser, go to clever.com, and follow the on-screen directions to find our school's name. Then sign in to Clever using your child's Google account information. Clever should always be your child's starting point, so bookmark the website if you can. 

4. Once your child is signed in to Clever, you should be able to see apps like IXL and Google Classroom. Click on Google Classroom. 

5. You will be asked to enter your child's Google account information one last time. After that, Clever will remember the information. 

6. Teachers will invite your child to join their individual Google Classrooms. Some may have already done that. If you see a square class card with the word "Join", go ahead and click "Join." Do it for every class card there is. (Grades 4-6 will have one for every subject.) If you don't see any class cards today asking your child to join, check back when school starts. 

7. Your child will only have to log into Clever every day for school. From there, he or she will click on Google Classroom to submit attendance, find the day's assignments, and complete work. Your child will also be able to access other apps we will use for instruction, such as IXL, without having to remember all kinds of different login information.

Positive Steps Wellness Center
Aliquippa School District, in cooperation with Western Pennsylvania Psych Care, is continuing to offer counseling services through the Positive Steps Wellness Center at Aliquippa Elementary School and Jr/Sr High School, which can include:
  • Individual therapy
  • Family therapy
  • Group Therapy
No therapy will be conducted without written parental/guardian permission (unless a child is 14 or older – then they can self-refer). Services can cover a wide variety of problems, from diagnosed disorders (such as ADHD, depression, or anxiety) to temporary or situational problems (such as bullying, separation anxiety, divorce/grief counseling, or acting out in class). The service can be school, family, or even self-referred. If interested, please complete the referral form (Quip Parent Packet) and return it to the school offices. A therapist will then contact you to schedule a formal intake.
If you would like more information or have additional questions, please contact Vanessa at (724) 857-7500 ext. 4164
You aren't alone. Help is available.
Pennsylvania’s bullying consultation line can be reached at 1-866-716-0424. Experiencing abuse? Call ChildLine at 1-800-932-0313. Nervous? Talk anonymously! keepkidssafe.pa.gov 

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