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Students are the only reason schools exist. They are not the property of the school. All students are worthy human beings deserving of respect and the best efforts of the school staff. Student rights must be vigorously respected and protected at all times. In turn, all students have certain obligations to be contributing participants in the learning process and to be good citizens within the school community. The basic rights and responsibilities of students at all levels include the following:
 All Students Have These Rights:
  • To be safe.
  • To be respected as individuals
  • To be treated fairly and without prejudice
  • To learn without disturbance or distraction.
  • To have personal property respected and protected.
  • To express views and to be heard.
  • To be exposed to competent teachers and positive adult role models.
  • To be challenged with materials and instructional techniques that are commensurate with their abilities and learning styles.
  • To be free from harassment.
  • To learn in a drug-free, smoke-free, and violence-free environment.
  • To be called what they choose (i.e., African American, Hispanic, Asian American, etc.)
  • To have access to appropriate grievance procedures.
All Students Have These Responsibilities:
  • To treat others fairly and without prejudice.
  • To obey laws and comply with reasonable school rules.
  • To respect other people's rights, property, and reputations.
  • To contribute to a positive and safe school environment.
  • To participate in their own learning (i.e., to strive to learn to the best of their abilities)
  • To respect and maintain school property. 
Each day in the United States, 160,000 students stay home from school due to bullying. To put that into perspective, that is about the entire population of Beaver County. We see it every day, some seems like teasing, others more seem more malicious. It comes in the form of verbal, social, physical, sexual and cyber bullying. How do we distinguish teasing from bullying? If it is repetitive, aggressive, intentional or for a show of power, it is probably bullying. There are many good websites to help parents, students and educators deal with this problem.
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