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Mr. Johnathan L. Burnett

About Chemistry

Chemistry is regarded as the central science because it exists in all items, and chemistry concepts explain how and why the world works.  Chemistry is a mathematical science, and as so strong math skills will assist you in your study of chemistry.
Chemistry is unique in that the great philosophical question of the field is the starting point of investigation of chemical concepts.  We start by asking, "what is everything made of?"  Our quest for greater and more accurate answers lead to the different chemical concepts.  
One of the great challenges in chemistry is that each of these different concepts in chemistry are related to each other.  One could use the analogy of different perspectives on the same event for the different chemistry concepts.  Thus, no one concept exists in isolation, but rather exists in an interwoven web of concepts.
The topics covered in chemistry include: Atomic Theory, Energy and the Atom, Stoichiometry, Nomenclature, Thermodynamics, Solutions, Acids and Bases, Gases, Gas Stoichiometry, Chemical Equations, Solids and Liquids, and Nuclear Chemistry.

About the Teacher:

Mr. Johnathan Burnett is currently the Chemistry Teacher at Aliquippa Jr./Sr. High School, and has been teaching at Aliquippa since 2010. He has previously taught Geometry, Algebra I, Algebra II, Environmental Science and Physical Science. In addition to his teaching responsibilities, Mr. Burnett continues to serve as the Assistant Director for the Aliquippa “Fighting Quip” Marching Band, including announcing for the band at all performances, since 2010 -- a capacity he continues to enjoy. Mr. Burnett has also previously served as Musical Director for Aliquippa Musicals from 2010 – 2013.

Mr. Burnett holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Education degree from Indiana University of Pennsylvania, a Masters of Education degree from Point Park University, and is currently a doctoral candidate for a Doctorate of Education degree from Indiana University of Pennsylvania. Research areas of particular interest to Mr. Burnett is equity in education; science education; music education; and mind, brain and education science.

Mr. Burnett is an active member of the Sewickley United Methodist Church, where he is a member of the contemporary worship band, Leap of Faith, playing electric guitar. He resides in Pittsburgh with his wife and three children.

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