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Toni Deluca Mamula

Toni Deluca Mamula - Class of 1967

Author Information

Living in a wheelchair started at a young age for the author of Wheelchair Chic, Toni Mamula. She began experiencing symptoms of MS at seventeen and, after six years of numerous doctors and psychiatrists who believed that the symptoms were psychosomatic, was diagnosed at twenty-three. Traumatized with the possibility of the beginning of her life and career coming to a quick and devastating end, she faced her greatest fear with the determination to be “normal” and productive.

Many people overcome life’s challenges with perseverance, a positive attitude, and just plain stubbornness. The media applauds the Christopher Reeves’ and Lance Armstrong’s as they face seemingly insurmountable odds to succeed and live as examples to others of living life no matter what they must face.  But, human beings battle the physical, mental, and emotional roadblocks every day in every village, town, and city in the world. In her world, author Toni Mamula tells of the emotions she went through as she initially faced the facts of living with a debilitating disease in her upcoming book, Wheelchair Chic.

Written with utmost sincerity, this book is a personal narrative with poignant anecdotes of a woman sharing how her personal need of fashion, sense of style, and confidence were factors in helping her to maintain a positive attitude despite living through the trials of being a non-walker. The primary focus in this book is dealing with physical and societal challenges while attempting to live a “normal” life. The author relates her difficulties and shows how a positive “in charge” attitude can be a real asset to internalizing that positive affect.

Looking her best by using make-up and clothes is discussed in relationship to body image and maximizing all her positive features.  Finding a job and dealing with challenges, both physical and emotional, are addressed in an upbeat way…like making sweet lemonade out of sour lemons.
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